At the Faculty of Philology, experts discussed the 2023 Nigerian presidential elections and the largest monitoring project

The Center for Research on Development of African Media, Governance and Society (CEREDEMS Africa) and the Positive Agenda Nigeria (PAN) have finished developing observation plans for the 2023 general election campaigns in Nigeria.

Mustapha M. Jamiu, assistant of the Mass Communication Department and founder of CEREDEMS Africa, announced the start of the project with the theme “Reconstructing Nigeria’s Election Campaign Atmosphere in a Time of Conflicting National Unity and Information Pollution” at a meeting on September 20, 2022. The meeting was held online at the Faculty of Philology of the RUDN University.

The meeting also included presentations by:
• Professor Lai Oso, former Dean, School of Communication, Lagos State University and immediate Past President, Association of Communication scholar and Practitioners of Nigeria (ACSPN),
• Dr Sadia Jamil, Chair, Journalism Research and Education Section, International Association of Media and Communication Research,
• Mr Lekan Otufodunrin, Executive Director, Media Career Development Network,
• Dr Adebiyi Rasheed, the Team Lead of Positive Agenda Nigeria (PAN) whose organisation has conducted similar project during the 2022 Osun State Governorship Election.

The key expected results of the project, as it was outlined by the speakers, include:
• Ensuring issue driven and violence free campaign environments that enhance the electorate's ability and capacity to choose the right candidates during presidential and governorship elections.
• Leading to better processes of generating and disseminating informed contents about candidates and political parties by their media handlers or communication teams.
• The Independent National Electoral Commission has evidence driven reports and a weekly fact- sheet for implementing Electoral Act’s campaign provisions and its Guidelines for campaigns.