International Journalism. Description of the programme

About profession:

The Programme is designed to teach highly skilled researchers and faculty members as well as specialists capable of dealing with different types of texts. Those who complete their postgraduate studies within the framework of Programme are recruited in the areas of education translation, mass media, public relations and other spheres of activities. The graduates can carry out journalistic and other professional activity, covering such urgent problems as formation of image of the country abroad (country branding), efficiency of mass communication among different countries and peoples, information policy in business communications, convergent processes in a modern media sphere etc., to work as correspondents, observers, commentators, editors, editors-translators, the senior editors, etc.

Educational process:

Professional areas, where the Programme graduates will be involved, comprise mass media (newspapers, magazines, television, broadcasting, news agencies, internet mass-media), mass communication (new media, advertising and public relations), publishing houses and information and library systems, and also the research and educational organizations in this sphere.
The curriculum includes History and Philosophy of Science; Methodology of Scientific Research; Pedagogy of Higher Education, Theories of Mass Communication, Modern Media holdings and Communication Policy, Mass Communication in the Digital World, Аcademic English; Russian as a Foreign Language; Scientific Seminar; Pedagogical Training; Scientific Training
The training is conducted according to international standards in English. It is designed to provide a new original research contributing to scientific studies.
Courses: Foreign Language, History and Philosophy of Science, Methodology of Scientific Research, Pedagogics of Higher Education, Theories of Mass Communication, Scientific Training, Scientific research, Elective disciplines: Modern Mediaholdings and Communication Policy, Mass Communication in the Digital World, Academic English, Russian as a foreign language;Pedagogical Training, Scientific research, Scientific training, Scientific research, State Examination, Research report.


The graduate's professional activities comprise scientific research in the selected sphere, working in professional scientific and research teams on development of urgent topics in the field of modern journalism, preparation of scientific projects in the field of journalism, including filing applications for grants, independent preparation of scientific publications in competitive Russian and foreign journals as well as teaching seminars and lectures at universities in the appropriate domains.
PhD students are involved in professional competitions, inter-university and international scientific conferences, act as jury members at various events in the Central House of Journalists.
- Departments of the Philological Faculty of the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia
- Union of Journalists of Russia
- Partner universities (as agreed):
Free University of Brussels (Belgium)
University of Cadiz (Spain)
Xiamen University (China)
Graduate School of Business and Social Sciences (Spain)
University of Bologna Forli (Italy).


The Programme is aimed at training of high-level staff developing their competences such as ability to take part in teamwork of professional groups, to make projects and realize complex research including interdisciplinary one, readiness to teach students according to main higher educational programmes, etc.The programme covers all areas of modern international journalism: preparation and writing texts for all kinds of media, analysis of the international situation and its media coverage, promotion of modern Russia in the international arena.
Carrying out research in the field of journalism and mass communication
Graduates can apply their knowledge in Russian and foreign media at all levels; information, advertising and PR-agencies; the press service of companies and organizations of various activities;

Image information:

Graduates of the PhD Programme are employed in Russian and foreign media, "RIA Novosti", "First Channel (TV)", Public Television of Russia, "TV Center", "The Voice of Russia», «Russia Today», RTR, etc.

Dayanna Alvarenga, Brazil
«I am very happy with the results obtained so far with the doctorate. As far as teachers are concerned, the university is to be congratulated by qualified, attentive and committed teachers. I am satisfied and achieving my goals. A atmosfera da universidade é incrível, além do conhecimento científico, temos a oportunidade de fazer um intercambio cultural e aprender com a experiência de outros colegas de diversas partes do mundo.” 

Tao Ying, China
«In the graduate school of the Russian University of Peoples' Friendship there are many professors and teachers, who have high qualifications and extensive scientific knowledge in a certain field. Postgraduate students from different countries of the world study here, which allows us to get acquainted with different cultures. The university organizes many useful lectures, seminars, classes, as well as scientific conferences, which give us the chance to develop our abilities in scientific research. In such a friendly atmosphere all graduate students learn with pleasure.»

Fadi Mfarrej, Syria
«Studying my phd in RUDN is a great experience combining both new science and people.
Here i have the opportunity to enrich my information and acquire bigger research experience.
Now, writing my dissertation, is another challenge to prove my skills and abilities.”